Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monopoly floor

Back when I used to work for an event design company, I was asked to make a 30' by 30' Monopoly themed dance floor out of linoleum. Recently, one of my lovely co-workers dug up some production and final product pictures and sent them along to me. Since the dance floor was destroyed the night of the event (although most of us kept a battered section of it), I thought I would share some images.

The floor took about three weeks of on and off working on it. I painted the mint green base and all the lines and colors, while the words and symbols are vinyl laid by the other talented members of the team. I painted the center logo with the help of a mask. The Chance and Community Chest cards were my favorite part. I painted the rectangles, then used the airbrush to make the shadows so they looked like they were really stacked.

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Lauren Hoffen said...

This is such a great project to get to work on. Make me want to JUMP! JUMP!