Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Warrenton Wine and Arts Festival

Dave and I are participating in this years Warrenton Wine and Arts Festival in Warrenton, VA. It looks like there will be lots of interesting artists, musicians, wineries, etc. there so I think it will be well worth checking out. It's going to be April 25th and 26th at the St. John the Evangelist School, which is who the proceeds will be benefiting, along with the Knights of Columbus. We'll be leaving from Baltimore early on the 25th, so if you want to go but don't have a ride, you can come on down with us!

Dave and I will be selling original paintings, sculptures, and drawings, along with prints. Here's a map of where it will be:

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Sugarloaf Craft Festival - Timonium

The Sugarloaf Craft Festival is a Craft Fair that travels up and down the Eastern coast between Connecticut and Virginia and it's coming to Timonium soon! From April 24th to April 26th you will be able to get unique, handmade items from (somewhat) local artists and artisans. Tickets are $8 and they are good for all three days. If you're in the area, I highly recommend stopping by. Here are some images of what will be there:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Society of Illustrators West 47

The Society of Illustrators show in L.A. was this past weekend. I was supposed to have a piece in it, but apparently some UPS delivery guy decided to deliver it some unknown address instead of the Gallery, so I wasn't included in the show. So now, my framed print is missing, I missed the opportunity to possibly sell something or get some work, AND the return postage was in the package so I wasted $20 on that. Great.

From what I hear, however, it was a good show and a few of my former classmates from RISD had some awesome work in it. If you're in Alhambra, you should go check it out. And find my piece for me!

If you would like to see my work that was supposed to be in the show, you can go to the Nucleus Gallery website. You can also see all the other wonderful work that was in the show on their online gallery... it's pretty cool.