Friday, December 26, 2008

New Drawings on Etsy

These two drawings are now available on my etsy site! They are original drawings and measure about 6 x 10 (specifics on the site). I'm starting a personal series of animals to work on my pen & ink/ photoshop skills. These are the first two drawings I've done.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Edgar Allan Poe

This is my latest 3D illustration... it's a portrait of Poe in celebration of his 200th birthday this coming January. Poe hung out here in Baltimore quite a bit so I thought he would be a good subject to do while I'm here...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Kennedy Krieger Institute Trees

A couple of weeks ago, the company I work for asked us artists to come up with some Christmas tree designs for the Kennedy Kreiger Institutes' Festival of Trees, which is held every year right after Thanksgiving. It's a pretty huge event apparently (I didn't get to go...) and it was great to work on something that so many people were going to see.

A couple of my designs ended up getting picked, so I got to make them for the Festival. I just found out that the designs are up on the Fandango website now, so I thought I would share a link. If you're looking at this site, I made the one called Painted Tree and the Monopoly Tree.

Here are some of my own picture of my designs....

The flamingo behind the Monopo-Tree isn't part of it unfortunately... that was part of another Fandango tree made by Glen. (He thinks they're real.)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Summed up Summer

Big update! Tons of stuff has happened since April. First of all, I graduated from RISD with a BFA in Illustration. After a couple of months of bumming around Massachusetts, I moved to Baltimore and started freelancing.

My first job was for Delaware Today. It was a spot illustration for a short story about how the economy will be affecting Santa this year. You can see it with the article here, but here's the image I came up with.

Second, I opened up an Etsy shop at I'm selling greeting cards, original illustrations, and prints so far, but I'm hoping to expand to sculptures eventually too. I'm also offering custom jobs... drawings, paintings, sculptures, pretty much anything...

Third! Through a bizarre string of coincidences I am now part of a chicken-themed show at Joe Squared on North Street in Baltimore. I wish I had a picture of my piece but it was a rush job (found out about the show on Wednesday and it opened on Thursday), so I didn't have time to scan it. It's a good show, and a pretty cool bar besides, so if you hate the show at least you can get drink as a consolation.

The last update I have is that I will be doing portfolio reviews at MICA tomorrow on behalf of RISD. We'll see how that goes...